Painting My Life The Color Of Mint Frost

A case of Sierra Nevada, a gallon of paint…

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The Return of Cheddar Cheese

A very quick update….

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Amuse Bouche

A few years ago, the stars misaligned. That is, my stars misaligned when friends moved westward and I stayed put; some moved by plane, others by cross-country Uhaul. In an effort to keep in touch with them and others, this audio-food-feeling, scattered (hot) mess of a blog came about. It advocates indie rock, spooning, flatball, and cheddar cheese.

The author is your run of the mill work-in-progress. She doesn't like to speak in the third person, but she will to get a laugh. She adores her friends. She has substandard olfactory senses but is the proud owner of an adventurous palate. She has an eclectic collection of graphic tees. She admittedly loves her mama.

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